Minky extra thick Sparkle Scourers

Minky extra thick Sparkle Scourers

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Gentle Scourers for all around the home!

➢ Highly versatile

➢Made from easy-rinse non-scratch mesh

➢For sparkling pots and pans

➢Cut through grease and grime with ease!

➢Use on shower doors and bathroom tiles to remove soap scrum

➢Easy to rinse

➢Non-Scratch Sparkle Scourers

Minky Sparkle Scourers utilise an easy rinse non-scratch mesh for increased scouring power and a think foam inner for superior absorbency, enabling the scourer to hold soapy water for longer.
Minky Sparkle Scourers are perfect for removing tough burnt on food from delicate cookware, glasses and even for removing soap scum and grime from bathrooms.