British cleaning essentials: Astonish

A new blog I wanted to introduce is Brand Spotlight. Each month I’ll tell you a bit of backstory from the brands we all love, and I’ll also spotlight three products from each brand, too. It will be a mix of new additions, best sellers, and ones which are underestimated in their abilities to clean!

Our first brand in the spotlight is Astonish. They’re a second-generation family-owned business who make beautifully simple yet effective products, and are approved by Cruelty-Free International, The Vegan and Vegetarian Society. Astonish manufactures all of their products in a purpose-built facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

We then import them to Australia so they can be delivered right to your door to enjoy!

Starting off with Astonish Daily Shower Shine - now this powerful product is sprayed directly onto your shower doors right after you get out. No messing around, just spray all over and then leave to dry. This prevents the limescale and buildup, which then means you don’t have to deep clean the screens as often (or maybe not even at all!).

The Astonish hob cleaner is an antibacterial, lemon scented, hard-working cream cleanser to remove all of the grease and grime from your cooktop with minimal effort. It also leaves a protective layer on the surface to make it easier to wipe away any future spills.

Third in the spotlight is Astonish Morning Dew Pet Fresh Concentrated Disinfectant. Quite a new addition to the Homebird Family, this incredible product kills 99.9% of enveloped viruses - including Coronavirus. It’s also made in a pet-friendly fragrance, with rose and geranium floral notes with a hint of citrus and orange blossom, to leave a freshness without stinging any delicate noses.

Use this product to clean a seemingly endless list of surfaces such as bins, sinks, drains, toilets, fridges, door handles, and anywhere else which would benefit from antibacterial solutions. 

We hope you enjoyed the first Brand Spotlight, come back each month to see who is next. You never know what you might find :)