English cleaning must-have: Pink Stuff Window Rose Spray

We love finding multiple uses for our cleaning products, to get the most from an already-fab item. Today we’re going to talk about Pink Stuff Window Rose Spray. After cleaning your shower doors, mirrors, and bathroom windows, we’ve got some suggestions of where to go next with this lightly scented delight.

Produced from natural ingredients, this glass cleaner will give you a high-performance clean without harsh and damaging chemicals involved. Infused with rose vinegar to give a light scent and streak-free powerful clean with every spray.

  1. Kiddies suction bath mats - those annoying suction bath mats that no matter what you seem to do, they still get mouldy underneath where they suction on. Once the mat has fully dried, spray this product generously on the mouldy areas and leave for a few minutes. Then you can use a Minky, or a good old Scrub Daddy to remove the build up.

    It should be a fairly quick job, in fact this can be sprayed and then left while you spray and wipe down the mirrors. Then you can come back to the mat and give it a wipe down. The vinegar will also help to stop mould build up from happening again, so try to spray this on the underneath of the mat after use, once it has drip-dried a little.

  2. Sparkling clean car windows - use this spray to clean the interior of your car windows and windscreen and the scent will freshen up your car at the same time. You can also use it to clean the exterior but if you have any tinting on the windows then patch test a corner of the window with the product before using it across the whole car.

  3. Use a small amount of spray to dampen a microfibre cloth before dusting. The damp will help to pick up dust, and the subtle scent the spray leaves behind in each area of your home will give the place a lovely fresh feel.

  4. Just a reminder to everyone who has the big mirrors on their wardrobe doors… using the Window Rose Spray will not only give them a streak-free shine, but it will give the bedrooms a boost of freshness from the scent left behind.

As with all of our suggestions for alternative uses of a product, you should always test them on a small area of your intended surfaces. Different materials are used in each home so it’s important to make sure that the products don’t react and damage any surfaces.

Check out the Pink Stuff Window Rose Spray.

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