Lenor Outdoorables: makes laundry smell like it's been dried outside

Rain rain go away… it seems like that song doesn’t work how we’d want it to. I’ve tried getting all my washing done and out on the line outside when there’s been a couple of days without rain but it looks like our wet season isn’t over yet. Even when it’s not raining, it seems to be the lingering humidity that stops our clothes from fully drying outside.

So now is the perfect time to put the spotlight on Lenor Outdoorables. 

Lenor Outdoorables is freshness for your clothes as if they’ve been dried outside! Told you… perfect for this weather! Better yet, it’s ultra concentrated which means that even though it’s not a huge bottle, it’ll go a long way. 

Simply put a measurement of this in the fabric conditioner part of your washing machine and be amazed at the smell as you bring your washing out at the end of the cycle. Hang clothes up on an airer in your home, and enjoy the fresh smell as it works its way through the surrounding areas.

A great tip for spreading the beautiful aroma throughout your home is to make sure you use Outdoorables when you wash your hand towels and tea towels, that way your bathroom and kitchen will continue smelling fresh all day long. Of course, never forgetting to include a half cap when you wash your bedsheets - you’ll thank me later!

With these extra bursts of fragrance as you walk through your home, (especially while your fabrics are drying on the airer) you’ll forget about the weather outside since it’s spring fresh indoors.

In stock right now we have Outdoorables in Summer Breeze, and Pink Blossom. The bottle is made out of 100% recycled (excluding cap, spout and sleeve) and recyclable (excl. sleeve) plastic.