About Home Bird Australia

Home Bird Australia was born in 2020. A year that nobody will forget for many reasons. At the height of a global pandemic and fear and uncertainty rippled throughout the globe.

For all a lot of us, it was a time to stand back from our busy lives, appreciate what is important to us.

For me, it was probably the first time I stood back and took a long hard look at my life. I've spent the last few years juggling a busy HR career, family, drops offs, making packed lunches - generally wearing lots of hats! During this time, I came to realise how important my home was. So much more than bricks and mortor, it was a haven, somewhere to feel safe and somewhere that makes you feel proud.

At this time, I had a bit of light bulb moment for cleaning and organisation. A lot of my friends and family find this quite amusing as in my Father-in-law's words I still 'lived like a student' he wasn't wrong. I have been known in the past to throw out dirty pans to avoid cleaning them (this was long before I discovered Pink Paste and Scrub Daddy's I may add!).

I discovered the cleaning community on Instagram; and to be quite honest became a little bit obsessed with Mrs Hinch (who knew watching someone shine up their kitchen sink could be so very satisfying!). The community is so supportive, sharing tips  and is a whole new world of virtual friends who encourage and empower each other.


I was quickly discovering products that were trending. I was so excited to try some of these products (some of which have been around for years - I remember my Granny had a little bottle of Zoflora in her bathroom). I quickly found that getting hold of these products in Australia could be challenging, with few suppliers, I ended up buying a few bits online. To my dismay, some took up to twelve weeks to arrive, and I paid way above the odds. 

That's where Home Bird Australia came about. I did my research on where to get hold of my favourite products, and voila here we are! Everything we sell is tried, tested and trusted. If you love the familiarity of the scent of a washing powder you grew up with, then you should have that, or if you are desperate to see what all the fuss about 'Pink Stuff' is. I have tried to make these products as reasonably priced as possible for imported products and continuously review against our supermarkets to make sure you still receive value for money and enjoy the products you love.

If you have any suggestions of new products to add to our range I would love to hear them - please email hello@homebirdaustralia.com, and we will speak to our trusted suppliers.

I hope you enjoy the site and enjoy shopping with us. 

Gill x