Lenor Crease Release: the MUST HAVE if you don't want to iron

With lockdown in full swing for us in Sydney, there are many working from home. No one needs to iron shirts at the moment (hello Zoom calls day after day... after day!), and that extra time on your hands may feel pretty nice. Cue the week offices reopen and we’ve got to tackle the big pile of shirts (and more) again.

Enter Lenor Crease Release. 

This nifty spray removes creases, static and odours. 

Somewhere you might not have thought to use it is in the bedroom (not like that!). Mrs Hinch loves the Gold Orchid scent for her bed sheets.

Something worth noting is that the product is made using a silicone based ingredient (which is how the fabric is relaxed and creases removed), however it can make surfaces slippery. Lenor advises to put a towel down underneath the item you’re spraying and to take care and clean any surfaces which the product may have spilled on to. 

To use it you wash as normal, let it dry (or dry in the tumble dryer) then spray the item, smooth any creases, then hang the item to dry. If clothes are dried in a tumble dryer then it may leave deeper creases which are more difficult to be completely removed by the Crease Releaser spray. 

Think of the Crease Releaser spray as an alternative to room fragrances too! If you’d like a fresh scent then try using Spring Awakening and hang one or two garments in each room for an uplifting vibe throughout your home.

I, personally, love the Gold Orchid scent in the bedrooms just like Mrs Hinch does. It feels more luxurious. Whereas Spring Awakening is definitely my fave for any room I want to feel bright and fresh. Like the living room and dining room, and when I first walk in the front door.

Lenor Crease Releaser currently comes in 500ml spray bottles. There are two scents as mentioned in this post; Gold Orchid, and Spring Awakening. Try them for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!