Minky love

As you all know, I am inspired by Mrs Hinch. I’ve loved following her on Instagram and always seeing what products she loves using, then trying to get them onto my shop for you all to enjoy too.

Something that features often is her Minky. She’s almost always got a Minky out to help her with a cleaning task.

We’ve got Minky here at Home Bird, but I wanted to explain what we’ve got so you can compare them and decide which ones are best for what you’re going to do with them. There’s a Minky for everyone!

Minky OG

The cloth to begin it all. The M Cloth is double sided with a scrubbing side for removing burnt on food, stains, and other suspicious marks. The smooth side lifts away grease and grime. Made with non-scratch technology and high density microfibre, the M Cloth features frequently in Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories and it’s well known to be one of her favourites. 

We’ve got so many colours and designs to choose from! Take your pick; pink, blue, hearts, snowflakes, reindeer, the super adorable Minky & Mini, and the 3 pk assorted colours

There’s also the kitchen pad, and the bathroom pad. Each in their own right, perfect for cleaning, scrubbing and buffing your way to brightness.

Minky For Pets

There’s a Minky OG just for pet-related duties. It’s got a cute easy-to-distinguish paw print pattern to prevent cross contamination. Use alongside the Pet Bowl Scrubbies in either Bone or Fish shapes, which are the ideal size for cleaning out food and water bowls.

Minky Scourers

The non-scratch flower scourers are the perfect size for cleaning pots and pans, whereas the bathroom cleaner is a large dimpled scourer to make cleaning hard to reach areas a breeze. For general scrubbing there’s extra thick sparkle scourers which is in a pack of two for wherever you need to use them around the home. It’s got a super thick sponge in the middle to keep product around for longer, plus the non-scratch mesh for the ultimate cleaning combination. 

Minky Microfibre Cloths

If you’d rather microfibre in a cloth as opposed to on a sponge like the OG, Minky has released several types of microfibre cloths for all those little annoying jobs around the home. 

The screen and tablet cloth is specifically to remove fingerprints, smears, and dirt from any of your devices. The hi tech duster is made with super soft, extra length microfibres so it can trap even the smallest dust particles. My personal favourite is the jewellery cloth; with 3 different sections specifically designed for different materials as well as a 4th section to ‘finish’ the jewellery with a polished shine. The bathroom cloth is made with the intention of removing limescale, and the kitchen cloth has one side for scrubbing and the other side is soft for shiny surfaces.

And finally there’s the general purpose cloth with extra thickness for better absorption, and a four pack of multipurpose cloths, which don’t have the extra thickness but are suitable for all surfaces of the home, can be used wet or dry and are fantastic to have on hand for spills, general wiping of surfaces, and even drying dishes!

Other Minky bits and bobs

If you LOVE cleaning, you’ll love these heart shaped sponges, which are fab for quickly wiping up spills, or cleaning the dishes. If spills are something which happens frequently in your home then you need some of these Soak Ups, which hold up to 10 times their weight in liquid. They’re made with the antibacterial formulation just like the Minky OG pads, so germs aren’t spread around while cleaning. Another antibacterial cleaning cloth comes in a pack of 3, is made out of recycled cotton rich yarn, and it is perfect for wiping down all hard surfaces. Then last but certainly not least are the extra thick sponge wipes. In a pack of two, they’re made from high quality cellulose making them incredibly absorbent and versatile. 

There really is a Minky for every cleaning scenario, so take your pick on where to start and build up your collection for each room of the house!