Essential British cleaning products: let's clean using ONLY Pink Stuff

There's such a buzz about Pink Stuff and there's some really loyal users out there so this one's for you! I'm going to explain how to use the various Pink Stuff products in your home so it's sparkling and all lovely with your favourite brand.

First we'll put some washing on since that takes time. For stains we've got Miracle Laundry Oxi Stain Remover Spray or Miracle Laundry Oxi Powder - Whites and Miracle Laundry Oxi Powder - Colours. Powders are good to soak in (hello spew covered baby clothes), whereas sprays are good for just a quick 5 min job. The spray is good for both whites and colours, and with the powders we have two separate products; one for whites and one for colours.

You can also throw in some of the powder with your normal washing cycle to bring out brighter clothes.

Once the washing is on, it's time to clean the toilets. The Miracle Toilet Cleaner is a fruity-scented gel with a foam cleaning action to deep clean those toilets and leave them fresh as a daisy, job done!

Since I've just cleaned the toilets I might as well finish the rest of the bathroom. There's a spray made specifically for the task called Miracle Bathroom Foam Spray. It's designed to clean through limescale, soap scum and grime. One product for the whole room isn't that easy??

Time to tackle the kitchen...For this we'll need more than one product. The Miracle Cream Cleanser works great for cleaning the sink and the stove top. The Miracle Paste works wonders for any stubborn grease, build up in pans, and it makes cleaning the BBQ a breeze. I use the Miracle Toilet Cleaner to clean out my bins and it leaves them smelling AMAZING. 

For surfaces and handles, use the Disinfectant Spray. It even helps remove stains caused by mould! If you have fruit and veg left for too long in the fridge crisper then clean it out using this spray to get rid of any gross smells.

Did you think I'd forgotten about mirrors and windows? I've saved our newest Pink Stuff family member until last. Welcome Miracle Window Rose Vinegar Spray. This glass cleaner doesn't use harsh or damaging chemicals, and is delicately fragranced with rose vinegar to give all your glass surfaces the brilliant streak-free shine that could make you forget it's even there. 

This Rose Vinegar Spray has flown off the shelves in the UK and I'm excited to bring it here for you, especially those of you who already adore Pink Stuff.

So now your home looks and smells delicious, I think it's time to catch up on Love Island! 

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