I’ve got pets, which cleaning products are safe to use?

Whilst not all products specifically say on the packaging whether or not they can be used around or on pets, we thought we’d get together a few products that we stock specifically for your furry friends.

We’ll start with our very well-loved Zoflora. All Zoflora disinfectants are safe to use around most pets, just make sure the treated areas are completely dry before pets are exposed. The scent may be too much for your pals so Zoflora have created a range called Fresh Home which are made with fragrances more easily tolerated by pets. They work the same to kill 99.9% of bacteria and to eliminate odours, but they’re specially formulated to have a more gentle fragrance. 

If you like citrusy florals then Mountain Air would be the one to try, Green Valley gives you apples and wildflowers, and Coastal Breeze is a blend with citrus, cedarwood, sea salt and sage with florals.

To get sparkly clean surfaces with 100% of pet odours removed then replaced with a fresh citrus scent, use Flash Pet Spray. Its tough cleaning formula gets through all the mess thanks to our furry friends. Think litter tray accidents, mud brought in from playing outside, dried on food around the food bowls. Don’t use on oiled wood or any unsealed/unfinished surfaces, and definitely don’t use ON pets. 

If you prefer to keep your pet cleaning supplies completely separate from your usual products, we’ve got a range of tools that make it clear you’re saving them for the right occasion. There’s Scrub Mommy Cat Edition for the best-selling dual-sided scrubber and sponge, and Scrub Daddy Dog Edition with the FlexTexture scrubber we’ve come to know and love.

For our Minky fans out there, we’ve got Pet Bowl Scrubbies which come in a pack of two little non-scratch scourers perfect for food bowls or even your fish bowl. And last but certainly not least there’s a cute pet edition of the Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad perfect to prevent cross-contamination in your home!

We hope that’s helped you figure out some pet-friendly products to get a PAWfectly clean home and eliminate those damp pet odours.