Lenor Unstoppables: The potential of Unstoppables is incredible!

You all loved the post last month with 7 Uses for Zoflora so I thought I’d give you a helping hand with the various ways to use another of our bestselling products; Lenor Unstoppables.

  1. Sprinkle some of these gorgeous beads into an open ornamental bowl and place in a warm room or near (not on/in) a heat source such as a radiator. As the in-wash scent boosters get a little warm they will release the smell and make your room as fresh as a daisy.

  2. Using dry wipes (purchased from the baby section in pharmacies, or grocery stores), place half a handful of Unstoppables into a single dry wipe, gather the ends to make a little parcel and use a cable tie or an elastic band to secure the dry wipe closed. Place these little freshness bundles in places such as drawers, or in a wardrobe for a scented delight.
    An alternative to dry wipes would be those little organza bags which you can buy from a dollar store.

  3. Making a little scented teddy is as easy as a small cut in the seam, placing some Unstoppables into the filling. You can move them around with your finger so they’re distributed around the inside. Sew the seam back up and the scent will make its way through so you can have a cuddle and sniff.
    Warning: this shouldn’t be done for a baby in case the seam isn’t secured properly.

  4. Allow a tablespoon of beads to dissolve in warm water to create a room-freshener and linen spray. Always patch test fabrics before spraying to ensure no stains will occur. Give the sofa a spray before guests arrive and enjoy their admiration as they walk through the door.

  5. I have a scentsy warmer at home and Unstoppables are a versatile alternative to the pricey blocks. Use the warmer in the same room as your fresh sheets (which will have already been washed with the in-wash scent boosters) and the gorgeous scent will fill your home.

  6. Place a handful of these scent boosters in the bottom of shoes to get them smelling fresh again. Leave overnight and in the morning transfer to a new pair of shoes. Store in a small ziplock bag when not in use. Continue to re-use the beads until you can no longer smell the freshness.

  7. Last but not least, these beauties can help outside of the home! A tablespoon of Unstoppables into an organza bag can work wonders in the footwell of your car or even hung in front of an air vent.

ALWAYS make sure that your Unstoppables are kept out of reach of children and pets. 

Find Lenor Unstoppables at Home Bird Australia with scents including; sunkiss, dreams, and spring. You can also buy Unstoppables in our Ultimate Bundle

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