Laundry Pods or Laundry Powders?

Laundry products are a rabbit hole all of their own, and it’s sometimes overwhelming. Do you get a fabric conditioner? How about stain removal? What if your clothes are getting dull and you just want to brighten them up again?

That’s where pods come in. They’re your all in one solution to the laundry situation, making your life easier and giving you some time back for that extra hinching you wanted to do.

Firstly, what even is a laundry pod?

The pods we stock at Home Bird are Bold 3-in-1. They have a unique three-part system to keep all liquids separate until during the wash cycle. The pods are all-in-one which means they clean, lift stains, brighten, AND they have built-in fabric softener. 

You don’t have to keep a bunch of different bottles to get your washing in tip top condition! Just one pod, that’s all :) 

What’s the difference between laundry pods and laundry powders?

Well, pods are pre-measured for your wash so no standing there pouring liquids or powders over your hands and floor as you get the right amount for your load. Just grab a pod out of the box and chuck it in with your washing. These pods have built-in stain lifter and built-in fabric softener, as well as the usual washing detergent. 

The only thing they don’t do is fold your washing afterwards and put it away!

If you still prefer old school powder then we do sell Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder over in our shop. The Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder is made for sensitive skin so this might be your go-to product if you’ve got delicate bodies in your home.

Which laundry pods do we stock?

At the moment we have Gold Orchid in the largest pack size (38 washes). If you’re looking for a smaller box to try out then we have Summer Breeze, and Sparkling Bloom (19 washes)

Which laundry products should I look at if I don’t want pods or powder??

We’ve got laundry products to suit most tastes! If you like to mix and match your laundry washing routine then have a try of our Ariel Gel, with Lenor Spring Awakening Fabric Conditioner. For an extra boost of scent, try our best selling Lenor Unstoppables! Finally, for stain removal we’ve got The Pink Stuff Oxi-Action Stain Remover Spray.

To have a look at our full range of laundry products follow me.