The old toilet gel around the rim, leave for 5 mins, brush then flush feels kind of … not enough, right? 

Sometimes I get annoyed that I can’t get round the u-bend to clean properly, surely it’s not deep cleaning if you can’t get past a certain point? Sometimes I just want a quick midweek toilet clean with a busy family and a product that I could ask a teenager to throw in and get the job done.

So then we heard about Astonish Toilet Bowl Tablets and we HAD to get them in stock! All you do is unwrap the tablet and put it in the toilet bowl. Leave it for 20 minutes and then brush and flush. 

You can also use 1-2 tablets plus leave overnight for heavily soiled toilets. You know when you move into a new rental and you just reeeeally need to throw everything at the cleaning to make it feel fresh and yours? Well, these fizzers will help make that happen when it comes to the toilets. 

When you put the tablet into the toilet bowl, it’ll fizz and bubble as its cleaning action gets started. It’ll remove limescale, rust and any dried nasties. On top of all that, they smell great too! At the moment you can either choose Astonish Toilet Bowl Tablets in Lemon or Astonish Toilet Bowl Tablets in Peony. Find the Lemon variety in our Bathroom Bundle too!

If you’re looking for an alternative option, we also stock Pink Stuff’s answer to these toilet bowl fizzers. The Pink Stuff Miracle Foaming Toilet Cleaner is a sachet of cleaning agents which fizz and bubble just the same to remove limescale and nasties. We all know how delightful The Pink Stuff smells, and this scent does not disappoint. 

Whether you have a preference for Astonish or The Pink Stuff, there’s a toilet bowl fizzing cleaning to suit you. One’s a tablet, the other’s a powder. Both of them deliver awesome cleaning power AND smell gorgeous. 

Don’t forget your regular clean with old school toilet cleaning gel. We have more of The Pink Stuff and we’ve also got Fabulosa Fresh Breeze and Electrify if you’re looking for something different. If toilet cleaning gels are you regular haircare routine, then think of the toilet bowl fizzers as your midweek hair mask treat ;)
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