It’s quite simple really. Every month we select a few items (some new, and some of our bestsellers), bundle them up and make them available to purchase.

Some reasons you might buy the bundle:

  • You like to change up your cleaning products every time you refill.
  • You’re looking to try some new products but are hoping to find some new favourites to regularly buy in the future.
  • You like trying things based upon our expert selection choices - sometimes it’s fun to let people pick things for you.
  • You LOVE trying new products
  • You’re looking for a gift for someone who loves cleaning
  • You’re the partner who doesn’t usually do the shopping but for some reason you’ve been asked to do it this time. What better time than now to buy a bundle?!

Whatever your reasons, these bundles are great value and they take away some of the decision making for you, leaving you one extra bit of mental space for the day. Let us show you which products we love :) 

Head over to find out what’s in the April bundle. If you’re not looking for a mix of different cleaning + laundry products then check out our Bathroom Bundle. This combines everything you need for a beautiful sparkling clean bathroom, Mrs Hinch would be proud.