Hinching in Australia: Fresh’n Up Fridays #1

I LOVE Mrs Hinch's Little Book of Lists. I’ve had it for a while now and I like breaking down a couple of things per room to make a dent in what feels like never ending cleaning cycles!

I’ve sometimes struggled to use my imagination to come up with variations in my routine so I thought I’d share a couple of examples here in case anyone else needs some inspiration. When I find new things to clean which I forgot about tucked away in a corner, I get a bit of motivation and mojo back, then before I know it I’ve done three rooms.

How to Hinch baby’s room:

  1. Clean change table 
    1. Sort out the nappy caddy
    2. Refill wipes
    3. Empty the nappy bin
    4. Wipe out the nappy bin with Zoflora
    5. Change the mat cover or wipe down if you don’t use a cover

  2. Sort old clothes
    1. Pile for the charity shop (op shop)
    2. Pile for giving to friends for their new babies
    3. Pile for keeps (for memories or for your next baby)

  3. Sort next size up
    1. Go through what you’ve already got in the next size up
    2. Make a list
    3. Think about the season coming up and make a list of what’s missing
    4. Slowly buy these clothes so you don’t have to buy lots when they suddenly can’t fit their current size anymore

How to Hinch your laundry

  1. Clean the washing machine
    1. When was the last time you did this? It’s way more gross than you’d think it would be! Take out the detergent tray, clean the seal, and if you’ve got a top-loader then make sure you clean all around the edges of the drum. Have a look at the Minky Mini, a super cute smaller minky antibacterial pad which comes with a full size original for both the big and little cleaning details.
    2. Put your washing machine on an empty cycle (hot wash) with disinfectant (Zoflora wins again!)

  2. Top up powers/pods/liquids
    1. If you refill your laundry products into jars, containers, or bottles then now’s the time to top them all up

  3. Dust
    1. You’d be surprised how much dust ends up in the laundry - especially if you’ve got a dryer in there
    2. On top of the appliances, the pipes and tubes behind, and don’t forget the filter in the dryer!

Hinch your Study

  1. Clear out and organise your desk - declutter and reset your work space. Since working from home is so common at the moment, it’s easy for it to become just another neglected space in the home. Especially if you aim to switch off from your work day and not go back until the next day.

  2. Wipe down the mouse, keyboard and monitor. You’d be surprised how much dust, germs and crumbs make their way into your office supplies so give them a refresh. Be mindful of the products you use on your computer screen, many aren’t suitable. Try just wiping down with the Minky M Cloth made especially for screens and tablets.

  3. Shred your personal documents. This is a task that I often allow to build up over months until I’ve got a pile which keeps falling over and annoying me. Try to do it before it becomes a tedious hour-long chore.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these tips. I’ll be sharing more as time goes on, it’s reminded me I’ve got a few things to do next Friday!

Fresh'n up fridays