Hinching in Australia: Fresh'n Up Friday #2- The Baby Edition

Since I've just had a baby I thought it'd be good to have a newborn theme since it's really difficult to find spare time. Just tiny 2 min jobs that help everything not feel so overwhelming but also remembering that just getting through the day IS enough.

Bonus points if you can get your partner to do these jobs, so that you can have some well deserved rest!

Hinch your bedroom

Change your pillowcases

- It's too much of a big job right now to change the whole bed sheets but do your face a favour and swap your pillowcases for fresh ones. Fluff up your pillows and have a lie down for 5 minutes.

Wash your favourite pyjamas and comfy outfits

- When did you last put on some clean clothes? You might want your favourite pj's but they're a bit musky from the last week (or two) of wearing. So get them washed so that you've got them for another few days… until the baby spews on them. Try out the Bold 3-in-1 Pods to save some time - it’s stain lifter, washing detergent and fabric softener all in one beautiful time saving capsule.

Stick a candle on

- Things might feel very same-same at the moment so put on a candle to freshen up the room you're spending the most time in, maybe it's not the bedroom. It might help you feel a little brighter. Have you seen our Unstoppables Candle? Or even a Cotton Fresh Febreeze Candle.

Kitchen Hinching

Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate

- Whichever you enjoy the most.

Cut up some fruit

- Get some easy snacks organised for when you have middle of the night wakeups. Having something healthy will help you feel a little less exhausted whilst replenishing nutrients you need to keep up your immune system. Did you know that kiwi fruit is higher in vitamin C than an orange!

Wash bottles/equipment

- Wash and sterilise any baby bottles if you use them, or if you're expressing then wash and sterilise your equipment.

Hinch the heck out of your living room

Baby change 

- Have you got a small changing caddy in the living room? If you do then now's the time to fill it up. If you don't then now's the time to get one together. It saves you having to go to the change table every time bub needs a fresh nappy and it gives you an extra spot to clean up if a leaky one happens.

What goes in a nappy caddy?

  1. Nappies
  2. Wet wipes or dry wipes with a flask of warm water
  3. Nappy bags (not always necessary but might be)
  4. A change mat
  5. A change of clothes (just in case)
  6. A towel/muslin cloth

Fluff up the couch cushions

- It may make the room feel fresher for you and it's nice to have cushions that aren't totally flattened.

Fresh air

- Open a window for fresh air and spray some Febreeze on your curtains so that when the fresh air comes in, it brings with it a scent to make you smile

At first glance, you might think you're not doing much at all. Especially when you think about what Mrs Hinch does for her Fresh'n Up Fridays. But you actually just changed pillowcases, washed clothes, prepared meals, washed and sterilised bottles/equipment, restocked/made a nappy caddy, refreshed your living room.

I'm tired just listing it all out, that's plenty for today, go and rest Mama you deserve it ❤️

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