Hinching in Australia: Fresh'n Up Friday #3 - New Year Edition

We’ve got a brand new year ahead and it seems about as good a time as any to do a nice refresh of the house. 

Hinch & dust

One thing I almost always neglect is dusting, so my hinching resolution is to keep on top of that!

For this I’ll be using the General Purpose Minky M Cloth. Have a look below for the places I need to remember to give some attention to. Are there any more that you can think of? I’ve also used a tiny amount of Zoflora on my dusting cloth to make the fresh surfaces smell delicious. I don’t use it on the plant leaves, but it’s great on blinds as you smell it each time you open and close them.

My favourite Zoflora at the moment is Honeysuckle and Jasmine, or even the Summer Breeze. These scents are as beautiful as the weather we’ve been having!

- Blinds

- Air-conditioning units (very easy to forget the top of these)

- Top of fridge/freezer

- Plant pots and leaves - some plants have leaves that gather dust so it’s a good idea to gently dust.

- Tops of doors which always stay open (I wonder how many of you remember this one!)

When I’m hinching windows

It’s easy to forget to clean mirrors and windows, but it’s super satisfying when they’re all sparkling!

Have you tried the M Cloth High Tech Duster?! It’s got 700,000 fibres per cm2 which means an even better dusting than other microfibre cloths! 

For your windows and mirrors try either Pink Stuff Window Rose Vinegar, or Stardrops Glass and Mirror Cleaner. We’ve got diehard fans of both brands in the Home Bird Community so there’s something for both of you ;) 

Let air circulate

I’m always going to say it… get some fresh air through your home!

It’s difficult in summer as it gets so warm during the day, but try to open some windows/doors first thing in the morning, or later in the evening when the temperature has dropped. 

Letting some fresh air in is a great way to freshen the home without doing anything else. Open more than one so that the air can pass through easier between them, and then put your feet up and let nature do the rest.

If you can do it every day then that’s great, but it’s also fine to do it once a week if that works for you too. Every little helps.

Set yourselves up for a good 2022 with a fresh home and you’ll feel much better for it. While you’ve got the momentum from your New Year’s resolutions it’s a great time to tick some jobs off the list that you’d usually miss. 

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