We’ve got 7 ways with 7 products to mix up your scent routine at home. Give them a go and let us know your favourite!

  1. Unstoppables  - place some of these wonderful beads in an organza bag (or two, or three) and place them in your clothing drawers. Every time you open them you’ll release a burst of freshness.

  2. Astonish concentrate disinfectant - this one is new to Homebird over the last couple of months, and it’s a powerful little bottle. Like any concentrate, you’re instructed to add water to get the best use out of it. It’s been made with a focus on safe removal of pet smells, so use it to clean all of their bowls and place a capful into the fabric softener tray when washing any of their towels.

    Don’t forget to dilute it into a bucket and use it to disinfect your floors, whether it’s furry feet or tiny shoes bring in the mud. Astonish not only cleans and disinfects, but it leaves behind a fresh fragrance to help you forget that there was ever dirt there.

  3. Flash Spray Wipe Done - the hint of citrus scent feels like a bit of summer on these cold, rainy days. Use Flash Spray Wipe Done to clean down kitchen surfaces and let the scent make its way around the room.

  4. Pink Stuff Window Rose Spray - spray and wipe down all mirrors and windows with this delightful product and enjoy the sparkling shine and subtle floral aroma.

  5. Outdoorables - one of my absolute favourite products!! Outdoorables is another concentrate, so you don’t need as much as you usually might use. Hanging the washing inside at the moment has become something I think we’re all used to in Sydney (and our neighbouring towns and states, also experiencing a lot of rain), which I’m finding much more pleasant when I’m using this fabric softener.

    I look forward to taking my sheets and towels out of the washing machine and hanging on the indoor airer, because this scent fills our downstairs and I can even smell it when I’m upstairs. It is a firm favourite of mine, try it for yourself to experience how it envelopes your home in a fantasy summer.

  6. Flash Bicarb Spray - Using this Flash Bicarb spray to clean your bathroom will not only leave an absolute sparkling beautiful shine wherever it goes, but it will also gift the room with a crisp clean smell that will sneak into surrounding areas. I always enjoy citrus, summery scents throughout my home. But in my bathroom I have to go for items that leave it smelling super fresh and crisp. This product does exactly that.

  7. Febreeze spray - For any final refreshing needing to be done, try Febreeze on fabrics such as sofa cushions, doormats, staircases (if you have carpets on them), and bedsheets. Another item people often forget can be sprayed to keep fresh, are jackets and coats. They sit for some under the stairs in a cupboard, or in another cupboard tucked away somewhere. So why not give them a treat, which will pay back each time you open the door and the breeze brings a light fragrance.