Whether you like things as fresh as a daisy, or fruity and bright, or even flirty and floral. We’ve got your back. We’ve got a long list of products that’ll suit you no matter what you like. Have a look through this post and what takes your fancy, and let us know if there’s other scents you prefer and we can help you find the perfect range of products.

Scent preference #1: Flirty and floral 🌸

When thinking about how you’d like your home to smell, you picture florals and light scents that would set the perfect scene for a flirty, romantic picnic first date. Bright but at the same time there’s a feather-light feeling with maybe ‘Girl Put Your Records On’ playing in the background by Corinne Bailey Rae.

If this feels like the vibe you want in your home, check out what we’ve got for you.

When you’re doing your laundry, add the Bold all-in-one pods: Ruby Jasmine. If you’d like an extra scent boost then throw in some Lenor in-wash scent boosters: Ruby Jasmine.

Keep your toilets fresh with Toilet bowl tablets: Pink Fizz and Peony. We actually did a post recently about these. Click here to learn more.

For any cleaning needs, have a look at Fabulosa Concentrated disinfectant: Blossom and use our pretty pink Elbow Grease scrubbing pad.

After all’s said and done, spritz the house with Lenor air freshener in Bloom. 🌸

Scent preference #2: Fresh and fruity 🍊

Ok so when you’re visualising your home with this scent, you’ll hear ‘Sweet Like Lemonade’ by Adam Friedman as you saunter through a citrus farm on a beautiful summer’s day. There’s a light breeze and you can smell the zest of lemons, grapefruits, and oranges as someone throws you the most perfect looking orange you’ve ever seen. Take a bite, it’s juicy. Then once you’ve done that, take a look below and see which products will be great for you.

Starting with laundry again you can use Ariel 3-in-1 pods or Stardrops Pink Stuff Laundry Gel. Include Lenor Outdoorables in Summer Breeze and for an extra boost throw in some Lenor Scent booster beads in Summer Breeze. Pssst… Here's a hint: use these when you’re washing throws for the sofa - it’ll freshen up the entire room.

For general home cleaning use one of our newest products from Mrs Hinch: Flash Spray Wipe Hinched: Berries. For a disinfectant, make sure to use Zoflora multi purpose disinfectant in Lemon Zing. If you’d like some extra tips on where you can use Zoflora then have a look here. Finally, make sure you have Astonish Mould and Mildew Blaster: Apple Burst on hand to keep any mould and mildew at bay. Grab one of our Elbow grease scrub mates in original or pink. 🍊

Scent preference #3: Simply clean ✨

Last but certainly not least are those of you who just like the smell of clean. Simple, fresh, like walking through a sea of clean bedsheets gently blowing in the breeze on a clear summer’s day. When you’ve walked through the sea of clean bedsheets, you’re met with a big cloud-like beanbag to lie down on and put your feet up. The song for this scent is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. 

Read on for our top suggestions for you fresh peeps.

Same as before, we’re starting with laundry (because laundry can do its thing while we’re cleaning the rest of the place).

hrow in your washing with some Fairy all-in-one pods. Surely we all remember the cute little Fairy baby?! Doesn’t that just scream simply clean? If that’s not enough then pour in some Fairy fabric conditioner to get a deeper soft simple scent.

Now that your washing is going, grab some Fabulosa toilet cleaning gel in Fresh breeze. Once that’s finished you’ve got the pick of two disinfectant concentrates. Fabulosa all in one disinfectant: Truly Fresh and Zoflora Linen Fresh. We have loyal followings for both of these brands, so take your pick and we’re sure you’ll be happy whichever you choose. When I think of fresh and simple clean, I think of the colour blue. So here’s a Minky Cloth Pad in Blue for you.

We’ve got scents to suit everyone here at Homebird. If these three scents aren’t for you, try looking out for our rich dusky scents such as gold orchid and midnight blooms or let us know if you have any other preferences and we’ll see if we can suggest some products that’ll be perfect for your home.