Whether you’re a pods kinda person, a sensitive soul, or a liquid lover, we’ve got plenty of options for you. Check out some of our family favourites!

For the daycare stains and little ones with sensitive skin

Step one: Astonish Oxy Active Fabric Stain Remover Non-Bio

After one day at daycare with bolognese lunches, colouring in mornings, and muddy playtimes, it can feel next to impossible to get these marks and stains out of clothes. For the best chance of getting these stains out, pre-treat the spot stains before putting them in the washing machine. Otherwise, just simply place a scoop of the stain remover in with the wash for a boost in stain-removing.

Step two: Fairy Non-Bio Pods 

This brand was voted No.1 brand in the UK for sensitive skin, so this one is perfect for washing for your whole family, little ones included. Place a pod in the drum and your clothes on top. The pods also have a special ingredient in them to leave clothes with a softness, without the need for fabric softeners.

For the bedsheets

Step one: Bold 3-in-1 Exotic Bloom

These pods clean, freshen, and soften - and are the perfect product to get you jumping into the most amazing fresh-bedsheets-feeling. This particular scent is a combination of ginger lily flower and tropical berries for a truly luxurious scent. Again, perfect for that fresh-bedsheet-feeling.

Step two: Lenor Unstoppables Lavish

Unstoppables scent boosters are a great addition to boost the luxury with your bedsheet washing regime. Lavish is a peach scent with floral and vanilla layers which would compliment the pods really nicely. If Lavish is out of stock, try Amethyst, Fresh, Spring Awakening, or any other floral, or fresh scent, to compliment the Exotic Bloom pods. 

Step three: Lenor Crease Releaser

Imagine you’ve taken the washing off the line and scrunched it up quickly with the intention of folding it later, only you got distracted by the postman at the door and then your dog coming to find lunch. You remember the sheets later on but by the time you’ve got them onto the bed they’ve got lines to show the rush you were in earlier. Enter: Crease Releaser spray. Simply spray and then smooth to remove the need for stress or ironing. Use this with shirts as well as bed sheets! Anything to make your washing rounds easier right?!

Washer & Dryer kinda deal

Step one: Ariel Excel Gel Colour

The Ariel Excel Gel can be used even in a cold wash! It’s great at removing stains (so no need to pre-treat) and keeps colours looking bright, as well as boosting your whites. Simply load the gel into the cap and place the cap on top of your washing in the machine. 

Step two: Lenor Outdoorables

We’ve featured this product on its own blog to give you a better understanding of the wonders it holds. But simply put, it’s a concentrate from the makers of Unstoppables, and it gives you the freshness of it being dried outside, and of course a beautiful scent boost. Try Spring Awakening, but if we’re out of stock then we also have Pink Blossom, and Summer Breeze.

Step three: Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets

With scents to match the Outdoorables, either Summer Breeze or Spring Awakening, throw one of these into your tumble dryer as you avoid static and creasing for that little while longer! They also help to preserve the freshness from your Outdoorables, even with the heat from the dryer - to keep that feeling of dried on the line outside. Another scent to try is Sparkling Bloom.

For when your partner says “all the washing smells too girly”

Step one: throw him out… just kidding. Fairy Non Bio Washing Powder.

This powder is a simple, non-fragranced washing powder with brilliant cleaning power and approved by dermatologists, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. No girly scents here, just nice clean washing.

Step two: Lenor Unstoppables - Active

Our least “girly” scent available if you’re going to have something with scent. You could just opt for no scent, but where’s the fun in that? It neutralises odours, and we’re pretty certain that they’ll be happy with the result.

Step three: Fairy Fabric Softener

This scent will match the washing powder and will soften clothes without any strong odours. It’ll leave a job for the Unstoppables to come in and give the clothes a boost of freshness without anything overpowering. This one is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so a nice bonus for those trying to avoid overuse of those items. Popping a small amount of Unstoppables scent beads will provide a subtle scent without risk of being told it’s too strong or too girly.